From its inception in 2003 to the present day, Global Accessories Plus has been committed to providing the highest quality fashion accessories to retailers across the globe. Serving both big box stores and local shops, we sell handbags, clutches, belts, cuff links, dress shirts, and a variety of other women’s, mens’, and children’s accessories. We strive to offer the finest materials as affordably as possible, ensuring that our clients and their customers always have access to the latest fashions.

After more than three decades of B2B service, Global Accessories Plus is looking to sell our products directly to consumers. Bucheli USA  represents our first foray into retail, providing potential customers with a full catalog of all our options. By providing online sales while continuing to sell to other retailers, we intend to make it as convenient as possible for clients to dress their best.

Our sales team has long since developed a reputation for respectful, devoted service. We have built strong relationships with our B2B clients, taking care to answer their questions as quickly and comprehensively as we can while accommodating all their specific needs.

We intend to provide the same level of service to our retail customers. If you have any questions or special requests, we invite you to contact us by phone, by email, or through our contact page; we promise to respond as quickly as possible. We also recommend that you sign up for our mailing list to receive regular updates on all of our offers and rewards programs.

Global Accessories Plus is headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey, one of the most diverse, multinational cities in the United States. Between this and our experience shipping to retailers in many different countries, we have served clients of a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures. We also accept a wide range of payment ledgers, and are happy to ship to any location. Thus whatever your payment, attire, and shipping needs, we are confident that we can meet them.

Don’t let the latest fashions pass you by. For affordable, high-quality accessories from an experienced provider, open your shopping cart today.