How to Style Your Dress Shirts with Formal Accessories

How to Style Your Dress Shirts with Formal Accessories

Dress shirts are the usual norm on formal occasions, but that does not mean your ensemble should be monotonous. There is a common misconception that formal outfits cannot be jazzed up and generally accepted on having a certain degree of dullness.

    However, you have a choice to style your dress shirts with formal accessories, and this can make you stand out in a crowd, even amidst the grays and blacks, men's long sleeve dress shirts can be customized with a wide range of accessories available at our store. Here is how-

    Dress Shirts and Cufflinks

    When is comes to a professional business style it’s a given that you will want to look sharp – and smart! Men's dress shirts with long sleeves are a must on such occasions. However, you can be pretty sure thatevery other person in the room will be wearing the same. Cufflinks are the one of the best accessories to make your look distinctive.

    You have a wide range of options when it comes to choosing formal cuff links. Precious metals will help you make a statement on formal, highly-visible occasions. You can use platinum, gold, and silver as the base metal of your choice. Additionally, you may have them embossed with a favorite emblem for a more customized and personal look. You may also have your initials carved on them.

    Cuff links can also be embedded with gemstones. Emeralds, sapphires, topaz, and corals are popular choices when you want to add a dash of color without drawing attention away from the formal look. They help break the monotony and are a great way of jazzing up your dress shirt, but conforming to the aesthetics of the formal event.

    Dress Shirts with Ties

    You cannot wear a dress shirt without a tie. Many assume that it can go with any shirt or dress shirt as long as a tie is neutral-colored. However, that is not the case. Formal ties can look very sleek, and there is something about them that speaks class and elegance. The fabric of the formal ties is of utmost importance.

    Silk is the favorite when it comes to formal men's tie 3-Inch wide formal necktie. Crisp linen has also emerged as a popular option, especially if the formal do is taking place in the daytime or during the summers. Silk has a definite sheen, which complements our classy affair perfectly.

    Formal ties, too, can have prints and motifs. However, they should in muted shades, and the statement should be made in the design and pattern of the print. Geometrical shapes are common with formal ties, and you may also opt for checkered patterns. Men's ties, a 3-inch wide formal necktie are considered the best. It is the perfect width and is suitable for most dress codes.

    The other option is to opt for a bow tie. However, these are more suitable for formal occasions like weddings, event nights, and black-tie cocktail parties. It would help to be selective about the shape and size of the bow tie. It should not be too broad and should ideally sit  straight. There is nothing more unwelcoming than a crooked bow tie on a formal suit.

    To complete your look, make sure your dress shirt has the right collar, the hem at the sleeves is neat, and the shirt fits you perfectly. The rest is taken care of with the help of the formal accessories, and you are sure to make an impression on the rest of the visitors when you enter.