Various types of Leather Belts that go with Men's Formal Shirts this Season

Various types of Leather Belts that go with Men's Formal Shirts this Season

Leather belts are an indispensable part of men's wardrobes.They are not only a functional accessory for your pants, but also contribute considerably to a man’s aesthetic appearance.

There are several kinds of belts to choose from, but those worn with men's formal shirts size XXL and formal trousers have some definite characteristics. These belts are primarily about 1.5 inches in width of the strap and comprised of brown or black leather.They usually have a matte finish are without excessive ornamentation.

Here is a brief overview of the various kinds of leather belts you can use with your formal shirts.

Types of Leather

Grain Leather

The predominant characteristic of a good formal belt is the material of its construction. Most formal belts are made of grain leather. They have minute patterns on the surface, resulting from the pores of the animal's skin. The surface layer is intact. Full-Grain leather is deemed to be the highest quality leather because there is hardly any loss of texture due to buffing.

Although the leather has some imperfections, they are completely natural and are its predominant feature. Moreover, this kind of leather slowly acquires a patina, and it adds to the overall look. Aniline and semi-aniline are the two kinds of finishes they are available in.

Top Grain Leather

The next best quality of the leather is the top grain leather. This kind of belt is thinner than full-grain leather but is also supple. With the surface lightly sanded, it will not acquire a natural patina. Moreover, if the animal hide has had any imperfections, the leather is also sanded to remove them. The result is perfect and flawless.

Split Leather

Belts made from split leather are also excellent choices if you look for premium belts on a budget. The split leather is acquired from the corium, the most fibrous region in any animal's hide. However, it is also revealed once the top grain is removed.

During splitting- from which the leather gets its name, the top grain and bottom split come apart. If the leather is thick, it can be further thinned down to several segments from the middle, and you can get a new split. They are available in various colors, reversible leather belts for men- black and brown, being one of them.

You can reverse the belt and choose the color you want to wear, matching it to the rest of the outfit. The look changes with each split, and as it becomes thinner, an artificial layer is added to make the belts thick. This can be further embossed with a leather grain to give it a more natural look.


Suede leather, a mixture of natural and artificial substances, is obtained from this kind of leather. Although both suede and laminate are also categorized under genuine leather, laminated leather is another form. However, both suede and laminate are also categorized under genuine leather because of the base derived from natural hides.

You have to be careful about storing this kind of leather because the latex can crack if you do not polish it regularly with leather cream.

Bonded Leather

Bonded Leather is another kind of leather that is quite popular, and although it might not be the first choice for pairing it with formal shirts, you can wear them for semi-formal occasions. If you are looking for then this is what most of them have. The trimmings or shavings of actual leather are mixed with latex, and they are pressed together to resemble the top grain. They are good to look at, and offer  an economical option. If you need a good belt with limited resources at your disposal, you can pair these belts with your men's formal shirt size XXL, while adding suitable accessories to the rest of the outfit as well.

Apart from the leather itself, you also need to pay close attention to the buckles. Box type, frame type, and snaps look good with formal shirts. Matching the leather belt with a good pair of leather shoes would complete the look. This would be one of the best ways to stand out for any formal occssion.